About Us

IWON International FZE, based in Dubai, is seeking to become the market leader in LPG and Petrochemical solutions. With a concrete groundwork of creating an abode for building a reliable oil and gas company, we prudently assess and pursue investment opportunities using stringent measures and a well-organized method. We are committed towards providing quality goods, customer satisfaction and safety.



In 2016, IWON International FZE was established in Dubai, UAE. With more than 12 years of experience in the LPG and Petrochemical Industry, our organization aims to use our inherited expertise and market knowledge for internal development and professional advancement. To achieve become the global market leader, we offer complete and reliable solutions to our clients and business partners.


Value System

IWON International takes pride in its people and firmly believes that Respect, transparency and accessibility for our clients are the key elements that need to be present in a company. Quality and exceptional customer service are also part of our values system which we continually strive on. We believe that by keeping the best interest of our clients in mind, our firm is able to make its mark in today’s highly competitive market.

Client Base

We have operations running Asia, Africa, Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. We aim at growing our company globally to be a market leader in the products/services that we render. Our dedicated team of professionals serve our clients with keenness to not only meet but exceed their expectation and create a resilient partnership with them.

Our Services

At IWON International, our actions are geared toward the expansion of our company by providing greater quality of services to our consumers. We aim to be beneficial part of the economy and offer our clients from all over the world a wide range of products and services that are connected to the LPG and Petrochemical Industry.